Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Can't Sew, RM85 - RM99
Currently having a crazy promotion package where you could 
shop for these set of 3-4 items at a steal price, and they mean it!
Only 1 set available for each package, and only valid till 15 Oct!
You simply can't afford to miss this awesome deal! ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

SHOP: Quick updates!

Iris and Lilies, RM29.90 - RM39.90

Let's Tee, RM35

Milktee, RM65 - RM69
Free Postage!

Poet, RM65 - RM69


Free Postage!

Parsealed, RM69 - RM168

Can you believe that this is only at RM9.90?!
Simple yet fashionable peplum mini dress is currently on sale,
also having them in a total of 6 colours. 
Duotone long-sleeve dress featuring
the lovely floral print & gold waist detail. RM27
Jubah/Maxi dresses in bold colours and beautiful feminine detail.
Day-to-night dresses that you could get for only RM44. 
Beautiful, flirty maxi skirt with sheer mesh and gold stretchable waistband.
Having 9 other colors available for you pick and choose from! RM29

Check out Baju Borong today for more affordable fashion!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

DoozieAvantgarde, RM25 - RM34
Everyone's favourite crop tops and bustier tops
that are simple to wear yet super stylish at the same time!
Style them easily with any edgy shorts, high-waisted skinnies or maxi skirt,
slip on a kimono cardigan for a quick cover-up!
Head on over for more beautiful choices! ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SHOP: Quick Updates!

Mahuis, RM25 - RM35
Free Poslaju!

Mint Candy, RM23 - RM32

Ciao Bella, price not available

Hutz Fashion, RM38 - RM42

O'bambi, RM59 - RM69

Kei Mag, RM67 - RM69
Free Postage!

Honey Pumpkin, RM55 - RM59

MUUZ, RM159 - RM189
Free shipping for WM
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