Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the sad and weary ones. :)

up, colours would definitely cheer you up.
Just like what YourShoppingKaki talked about few days back! :)
I was kinda into trouble yesterday actually, but with the help of music and friends, i get back on track again! :D And of course, by hopping off sites and sites of blogshops, which are all really good in distracting me! ;)

Lawa-lawa, RM48
I love the feather detailing of the top! :D
Look at the feather behind the tie-string the back! Woot!
Still available in Yellow & Red :)

Rainbows Closet, RM48
Ruffles dress in good quality cotton :D
Really love the ruffles part, plus the V-cutting at the back.
Perhaps, you could try wearing it by changing the postition? :D

A FittingRoom Boutique, RM48
Kimono dresses which is such essential dress these days!
They're one of the hot-selling item in online boutiques too ;)
These pieces all stands out because of the awesome colourful prints!

Smashing Pit Stop, RM50 (belt included)
It's high-waisted dress again :)
These colours are all pretty in their own way!
I just don't know which to choose to feature,
hence i've put all of 'em here. Haha!

2purplybutterfly, RM32
Another kimono dresses! But they're in cotton, not lycra. :)
Definitely worth buying, no?
Sold in teal, but all are still available! :D

The Closette, RM25
Aha! Another polka-dots top! :D
It's available in black in pink polka dots too! :)
Could easily pair it with any shorts, jeans, skinnies, tights
and you're good to go already! :D

Piperlips, RM35
Look at the pretty colours they have for this eyelet tube tops! :D
They're all oh-so-sweet and feminine!
Comes with a free satin sash too! ;)

I Luv Me Shopping, RM28!
This is a combination of both off-shoulders and halter top!
Perhaps it's a little fresher than the usual ones ;)
Notice the gold chains at the halter part again!
Still available in Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Maroon.

LadiesFashion, 1 for RM15, 2 for RM28!
Link to post itself could directly click on the pictures ya.
Look at the price! It's RM15 for a shorts! and RM28 for two!
I could assure you this is the cheapest you can get for shorts like these!
There's a bunch of cheap items you could actually get there like :

And they're all with unbelievable prices,
do check it out yourself if you don't believe me! :D

Osixnine, RM64.83
The thunderbolt prints look cute don't they? :)
Available in Pink and White too.
You could check out their offline store at SS15 too!

Sensual Seductionz, RM12
Colour tights which are in 120 Denier.
If you're in some basic black/white colours,
with the help of these, you would definitely look good!
Available in Blue & Pink, but they are all restockable! :)

Dusky Wings, RM70 including poslaju
Such eye-catching wedges with the awesome prints!
Left one size only for each sizes, remember to be fast to get this in hands!
Will definitely increase you height too! :P

♥ ♥

Hope all these cheery colours would cheer you up!
Perhaps shopping could be the best medicine ;)
No matter in whatever situation you are in,
stressed, depressed, and dissapointed, always remember there are always friend to be with you! True friends are the ones who will help you even when you're in deep shit!


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