Monday, March 30, 2009

RM20 | RM30 | RM30

The Shoplifters is having major clearance sale now!
Everything is slashed down! Don't miss this!

In Glam'z, RM38
Short skirts with flower prints! So cute right!
Wear it with a simply white tank top and you're good to go already!

We Heart Sundays, RM40
Now you could wear this green skinnies to go green! :D
Hope you guys enjoyed Earth Hour few days back ;)
Good news! They're providing free shipping for the first 5 customers! Be fast!

Runway in a Teacup, RM51 (early bird promo at RM45.90!)
Such cute name of the boutique! :D
Petal-like collar, with side pockets too.
Love all the bright colours!
Available in Pink, Yellow & Black.
They're consider new in town too! Do check out their site!

Wonder Wardrobe, RM35
I like the sleeve! and the puffy effect of the skirt!
There are little buttons in front of the bust area too!
Owner bought it at Bangkok, and it's in brand new!

ViVi Boutique, RM60
Boat neck black & white dress in chiffon, with slight beads
at the sleeve, corner joint and neck area.
Do go over to her site for larger view aight!
A lot of pretty tops & dresses are selling there too!

My Sassy Tank
, RM49
Newbie in town! :D And it's kimono dresses again!
Combination of geometric shapes and floral at the bottom.
Available in Mauve and Purple only.
They're throwing a mini sale for LOWYAT.NET forum members too! ;)

Smashing Pit Stop
, RM52
Monochrome dress with wild floral prints! It's smoked back at the waist area.
A detachable matching colour satin sash is included too!;)

Our Mu
tual Passion, RM40
Satin maxi dresses at RM40?! Are you kidding! You definitely gotta steal this!
Love the super rich colours all over it!
Purple & Black are up for grabs! You could try for brown albeit it's reserved. :)

Bold & Beautiful, RM70
I've always love seeing people wear maxi dresses! *envious* (i'm 130cm wtf)
Stretchable at the waist area, hence you can put on a waist clincher and adjust the length you want! ;) Straps to be tied as a halter too!
Available in Purple, Red & Grey.

Orange Little
, RM69
Black and white platforms are really hot, aren't they?
An additional ankle strap even make it hotter! Woot! :D

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