Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glampot, RM25 each
Still finding stuff like these? Get your aviators, wayfarers, fake glasses here at Glampot! There are some interesting ones like the foldable wayfarer, transparent wayfarer, metal glasses and etc! Check them out for other available ones, and also their preloved designer's items that won't cost you a bomb! ;)

big-a-BOO boutique, RM55 | RM42 | RM46
They're finally back with some specially handpicked, fresh goodies all the way from Aussie of tops, dresses and also lots of cardigans! These do fit the plus-sized girls, and they actually cater more for curvy chics too! :)

grandmaphone guru, RM40 each
Newly launched blog selling off vintage pieces. Love the two blazers at the lower pictures! :D And I do love how the photographs were taken along with ther vinyl records, really brings out the classic and vintage feeling!
Do give them some support alright!

Oh and they have just updated with the second collection! :D

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