Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh wow.

Secret Shoe Project, RM99 | RM75 | RM50 | RM99
These shoes surely give a big time WOW factor, and you just couldn't deny it! ;)
Gold studs, silver studs and perforated studs detailing that you'll love!
Sizes are running out already, you just gotta be fast if you wanna grab a pair!
And these just lured me into temptation. T____T

stitch, RM46
Zipped-up full-length jacket, casual yet chic!
Something you could pull over with basics.
And you just gotta love the the acid-washed effect on it, no?
Fits up to L size as well! Better grab it while you still can! ;)

This biker jacket is back as well!

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