Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reebonz - Unveil the Surprise!

(pronounced "ribbons")

Now what's Reebonz you may asked?
Sounds familiar? or perhaps you've seen or heard it somewhere else? :)

Reebonz is a members-only, private online shopping destination
of premier brands and private sales. Offers such wide products from medium
to high-end luxury products, think Burberry, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Coach, Kate Spade & etc! Bet you would be wide amazed of what they're having,
and what's more when they're all priced at jaw-dropping discounts!

Now ain't that a great news for all the shopaholics that are reading this? :)
And especially for the luxury bags fanatic out there,
trust me, you definitely won't wanna miss this out!
How can you not splurge at a steal price! ;)

Getting excited already?
Do check out their event list for the current events and upcoming events
that could totally help you to save up to 70% off! ;)
[For Malaysia, Reebonz is currently offering
for a limited time period]
So here are the events that are started at 12pm this noon,
and will end right on Friday, 12pm noon! ;)

The upcoming events that will be up next week :

And take a look at the past events that you've missed!

All online sale event are only for a span of 2-3 days.
And when the event is closed,
members will not be able to purchase the items anymore.
All in all, just grab your chance! ;)

So don't forget to sign up as their members to be able
to get the exclusive excess to all their events and updates! ;)

// Purchases are to be made online using credit card or paypal account

By the way, they're currently having an on-going promotion as well:
I (bag)ged from Reebonz!

__*click for a larger image*
• • •

Here's how you could sign up as Reebonz's members!
  • Just enter the invite code of "shoppingroll" on the bottom right
    of their site at
  • Or you could simply just click on this link ! ;)
For more information, feel free to follow them on Facebook or Twitter!

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