Thursday, June 3, 2010

by D Looking Glass

With heavy sorrowful hearts, D Looking Glass would like to announce that due to heavy work load and other commitments, we are taking a long indefinate hiatus after more than 2 years of bringing you affordable, trendy and fashionable clothes, accessories, belts, bags and the list goes on.

We are doing the biggest ever clearance sales of all our items; yes, every single piece. After a rather successful 3 days sales at Youth'10 last weekend, we're down to about 50+ items left consisting of 3 bags, some belts and clinchers, purses and pouches, tops, dresses and a skinny sexy A-line high-waisted skirt :p.


It's discounted down to more than 70% off the original price!! It's super-duper affordable! @o@

If you purchase 3 items or more, we'll throw in free postage* for you!

How great a deal is that!!
Everything must go by 15 of June 2010...
so click on to start shopping already!! :D

Psst... All items are very extremely limited... mostly last pieces!!

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