Monday, June 7, 2010

by my Walking Wardrobe

First of all, special thanks goes out to you girls that came to support
my WALKING WARDROBE @ Youth'10 Festival !
You've been a blessing and have truly helped us to sweep out
most of our existing stocks! Totally unbelievable !

However, good news we bring to you whom didn't get to make it to Youth'10.
Fret not, for we do still have some left, just for you. Believe your eyes,
we're letting 'em go at the lowest price we can go!

For the dress-lovers:-

For the top/blouse lovers:-

Click here for these discounted items!

Besides that, do not forget to check out our NEW ARRIVALS (loads of 'em) too!
This time round, we've brought in even better quality clothing
with affordable prices (psst, we have yet to see these clothing around elsewhere).
So unique that you've gotta LOVE em all!

Do believe your eyes, almost all of the items are BELOW RM50!

In Walking Wardrobe, it's all about QUALITY ! What are you waiting for?
Time to make 'em all yours!

Check us out at my Walking Wardrobe now!

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