Monday, June 14, 2010

by Varieties Shops

Varieties Shops is updated with tons of clothes with a low range of prices AGAIN =D
U can get these new arrivals ready stocks at RM22-RM42 only =D
Be reminded, those RM42 are meant for cardigan n maxi dress only ;P

There's also lots of new Pre-Orders Clothes from the range of RM22-RM42 =D
Really affordable and worth your single penny ~
There's some gorgeous jumpsuit as well =D

Besides that, don't ever miss out our bags collection =D

And what's the best among all? Of course its our promotions from as low as RM15 =D
Do visit our store for more !
Before you missed out your favourite pc, do visit Varieties Shops today =D
For faster processing, just sms n hit 016-4095181 =D

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