Wednesday, June 23, 2010


obzession, RM25 - RM45

button me, RM29 - RM49

Fashion.Coolture, RM40 - RM68
Currently having an opening promotion in store too! ;)

Daily Closet, RM26 - RM35

Orange Princess Boutique, RM25 - RM53

The Adelfes, RM32 - RM36

Almari Baju, RM25 - RM39

Hyeon Paesyeon Boutique, RM35 - RM42

[kids] Rendezvous Boutique, RM30 - RM40

DevilliveD, RM30 - RM55

Qaseh Huney Wondershop, RM45

J-A-E-V-E, RM30 - RM37

StrawBerry Bunga, RM39 - RM48

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