Thursday, June 10, 2010

Product Review : Wizzit !

Alright, this is my first time ever doing a product review!
& It will be on Wizzit - the automatic tweezer, thanks to Supermodel's Secrets!


Wizzit is an automatic tweezer, a single-epilator tool with no blades,
removes most of the unwanted hair from the roots painlessly in a fraction of time,
without a razor or waxing, and without using any chemicals at all!
It functions more or less the same as Tweeze if you have ever heard before,
but Wizzit is an improved version of it with better enhancements!

Feel free to check out this Wizzit ad based in USA for a better understanding,
or just continue reading while waiting for this video to load! ;)


Pretty decent packaging I must admit! ;) Seeing only the big "Wizzit" word on it
and straight unwrapping it like a kid, and i didn't actually notice that it comes along
with a FREE carry bag that will surely comes in handy, and also with a
FREE manicure set which I initially thought that it's a free carry case or something!

I was pretty thrilled and that my eyes went so much bigger
as I didn't expect those tools came along as I thought the picture
on the packaging only provide suggestions of what to put in! LOL
Unzipped it, and the fingernail cutter went so much shinier that the rest
as I totally wanted to get a new one as I've lost it just a week ago! :D
Bet this manicure set would surely cost an amount of money getting it alone, no?

So there will be 3 items in total,
Wizzit + FREE Carry Bag + FREE Manicure set. Awesome eh? ;)

  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries in it
  2. To switch it on, push the blue button upwards, towards the epilator.
  3. Start tweezing by rolling Wizzit on the area of the unwanted hairs.
Tips for a better efficiency :
given by Michelle from Supermodel's Secrets, which works for me!

• Remove the top transparent blue cover for better effectiveness.
• Hold it at a 90' degree angle to the skin.
• Roll it against the direction of hair growth.
• For curly/longer hairs ( >1cm), it is recommended to trim beforehand.
It's strongly advisable to use it with brand new batteries,
reliable brands like Energizer, Eveready, Duracell would be recommended.
Try not to use it with generic/unknown brands from outerspace
as it will not work at a full speed, which was tested personally
by Michelle from Supermodel's Secret herself! ;)


Wizzit is ideal on all skin types, for both men and woman.
Works best on face, chin, cheeks, toes, underarm, tum & eyebrow!
50x faster than tweezers, bet that would save up a crazy amount of time!
Plus, it would lasts at least about 2 weeks before the tiny hairs will start
to grow again, though the advertisement says 6 weeks,
but it definitely varied depending on individual!

It's normal to have a bit of factory grease
when it's first being used when switched on.
Just gently place it on a dry cloth and let it run for a few minutes
until the grease wears off and it's fine already!
Oh btw, it has a pretty noisy whirring sound, but it's harmless, so fret not! ;)


Yes, it works well for me, and am enjoying the product so far.
Overall performance is good, and love the simple design of it as well!

At first it scares me when it was switched on with that whirring sound.
Took a moment adapting to that sound and only managed to try it on!
It was kinda surreal at the first few seconds of removing the hairs,
that plucking sensation is simply indescribable & magical!
But yeah, it's not that painful, trust me! ;)
The pain is much milder than using a tweezer though!

It removes approximately 80% of the hairs, and the remaining ones
would be a lil bit tricky to be removed as the hairs are on uneven surface,
which could only be removed with correct angling.
So it would be even better to manually remove the rest using the classic tweezer!
Practice makes perfect though! ;) But I actually still prefer using tweezer
removing the rest manually as I'm quite a lazy person here to master it. Ha!

Works best on facial hair and armpit hair as it would take a longer time
for tweezing it at the bigger surface area, eg: legs, unless you're talking about
the higher end ones which has extra wide surface area
with multiple epilators within a single unit, which are wayyy pricier in the market!
But, they've got another product in store - Smooth Legs (RM29 including shipping),
which is more appropriate for hair removal on legs! :)

So I guess that's all for now, do hope this information helps though!
RM59 for such package, I'd definitely say give it a go! ;)

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So what's the wait? Get it now @
Supermodel's Secrets
for RM59 including Poslaju shipping!
(RM3 shipping surcharge applicable to those in Sabah & Sarawak)

Click HERE for more information, or click HERE to order it right away! ;)

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