Monday, July 5, 2010

Couldn't decide which colours to go for?
Don't know how it would look like in real life?
Afraid of having major disappointment when the products arrived?

Fret not, as Nail Galore is here to help you out! ;)

Currently they're providing trial packs for the nail polishes they're having,
where you could actually pick and choose the colours from the specific brand,
[ OPI, Zoya, Other Brands (China Glaze, ORLY) ]
and they'll prepare it for you in a fraction of the full-sized bottle!

And what's great about it is that they're inexpensive and it's definitely a great
alternative for you to sample the products before purchasing the real thing! ;)

Each bottle will comes in comes in a 5mL bottle, and the content will be 2mL.

So here are the Trial Packs available :
[Brands : OPI, Zoya, Other Brands (China Glaze, ORLY) ]
  • Set 1 : RM29.90 - 3 colours of any brand
  • Set 2 : RM39.90 - 5 colours; 2 OPI, 2 Zoya, 1 of any brand
  • Set 3 : RM49.90 - 5 colours of any brand
  • Add-ons :
    - RM5 Nail Polish Thinner 3mL
    - RM10 Matte Top/Base Coat 2mL
Postage is not included in the price stated.
RM3 (Pos Ekspres), RM6 (Poslaju), and they will subsidize the rest! ;)

& Here are 2 things that you need to take note of from them :
* All are pre-packed by Nail Galore from the original bottles.
Please be aware that this is for sampling purpose only.
Its not meant to be for distribution or resell.
All these nail lacquers shelf life is 2-3weeks upon purchase.

* All colours for sampling should be the ones that isn't in the real
ready made OPI mini sets (eg: OPI mini pink, tiny take outs & etc)
and all new collection colours will not be sold until 3 months

after its launching in Nail Galore.
Btw, Nail Galore will come up with new DIY tutorials for nail art soon,
and they've actually updated with this Marble Watermark Nail Polish DIY
on the site itself that you could definitely try! ;)

It's definitely not wrong to pamper your nails once in a while, no?
Feel free to visit Nail Galore for more! ;)

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