Monday, July 12, 2010

ILuvBag Inc. , RM50 including postage
(More than 1 pair : RM45 including postage per pair!)

Footsie Roll - The first-ever fully rollable shoes are here in town,
and it's actually the perfect "emergency shoe" that you ought to have in your bag,
to relieve those stiletto-sore feet! ;)
Love that it's so simple, affordable yet so versatile!
Best worn indoor, in shopping malls, office, paved walkways,
and it's not recommended for uneven, rough terrain.
Available in 4 sizes, and in a total of 8 colours to be chosen from!

Purchase of Footsie Roll is inclusive of :

Footsie Roll, Reusable box, A big reusable bag & A small reusable bag!

Pretty worth it, no? :D
Taking orders until this Wednesday (14/7) for this batch,
and items are estimated to arrive by a week later!
Hurry while you still can! ;)

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