Friday, July 16, 2010

La Robe, RM45 - RM80
Having an array of beautiful maxi dresses over there that are available for order,
also spotted that basic maxi skirt in all sorts of colours up for sale too!
Bet these maxi dresses would make you look extra gorgeous no? ;)

So guess what? They're offering you readers these exclusive promotion!
RM 5 off + FREE POSTAGE for the first 10 readers!
FREE POSTAGE for the rest who purchase anything from LeClothes & LaRobe!
Items will all be sent via Poslaju btw! Ain't it great? ;)
Only valid with the password : "Le Shopping Roll Reader"

Check out these lovely items they've got in LeClothes!

Le Clothes, RM30 - RM49

& here are some ready stocks pairs that you could grab from them! ;)
or do check out their site for more shoes that are available for order!

RM55 - RM60

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