Monday, July 26, 2010

Product Review : Wanna get a taste of Dog Poop?

Ah, I'm not talking about the REAL thing,
but it's about this lip balm with the name "Dog Poop" from My Lip Stuff!

My Lip Stuff Malaysia
My Lip Stuff's lip balms are all handmade, skin, earth and animal friendly.
Made of natural ingredients - Beeswax, cocoa butter, castor oil, sunflower oil,
sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, essential and/or flavor oil.
No harsh ingredients in it by the way! ;)

"Serious lip care with a fun flair"
It might not be the best moisturizing lip balm on planet earth,
but with that amount of flavour choices, you'll be thrilled to get one for yourself!
More than 500 flavours available currently,
bet there would be something for each and everyone of you! ;)

Thanks to Cynthia, the girl behind Tanks for 5, you could now purchase
My Lip Stuff's lip balms from My Lip Stuff Malaysia!
Each tube of lip balm is priced at RM12, excluding shipping!
Kinda worth it for such item I must admit!

So here's what I've got - "Dog Poop" from Cynthia (thanks!) :D

One with a yummy blend of Caramel & Coffee.
Pretty interesting name eh?

Work as a great moisturizing lip balm, love that it's a coffee-scented one
instead of those dull ones that we've got here in stores! ;)
Totally recommended for those coffee takers out there,
especially for those who are much addicted to Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato! ;)

Notice that the "Dog Poop" lip balm is with slight tint of light brown,
but no worries, it's not visible at all on your lips!
It glides on my lips smoothly, and it's actually not that waxy or greasy for me.
Besides, it somehow gives a nice shine on the lips as well,
could be treated as a "mild" lip gloss perhaps? ;)
And yes, it did keep my lips moisturized for at least a day long!

Like I've said earlier, it's totally worth every single penny of yours! :D

And if this flavour is not your liking,
do have a look at some of the flavours here that you are able to get :

Still not your cup of tea?
go check out My Lip Stuff Malaysia for more! ;)
or visit the main site - My Lip Stuff for more information and flavours available!

Was initially wanted that hot-selling item - "Cat Pee", but they're temporarily
out of stock, same goes to Cookies & Cream & Blackberry Buttercream. T_T
But no worries, just email them if you're interested and perhaps
they could work things out and they'll be back sooner than expected? :D

Here are the 2 on-going promotions from My Lip Stuff Malaysia:

Exclusive promotion for Shopping Roll's Readers
__2 balms for RM23 excluding postage,
__with the password of "I Love Shopping Roll"
__Valid until 31st of July, this Saturday only!

Mystery balm promotion
__Great for those who couldn't actually decide on the flavours! ;)
__ - Mystery pack of 2 for RM23
__ - Mystery pack of 4 for RM44

Priced at only RM12 for each tube, better grab em while you can!
So just on hop over to My Lip Stuff Malaysia for more! ;)

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