Monday, August 2, 2010

by Varieties Shops

Yay! Varieties Shops is having clearances sales up to 50% !!
The cheapest top are only at RM7.50!!
And there's tons of clothes below RM20 :D

Below are some of the clothes that less 50% ;D

There's also category for less 30% per pc :)
Here's are some of the items ~
All these cardigans are just below RM30 after discount :D Grab it!

Besides that, there's also store wide promotion of less 10%-15%
for all items including clothes + bags !

Let's check out some of the clothes :D

And the bags :D

These bags are at RM38.30 only for all returning buyer
and buyer that make payment on the same day of ordering :D

That's lots of stuff yea? But there's even more at their blog.
Head on to their blog today to view their full albums :D

Varieties Shops

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