Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a little bit more!

Hello people! I'm currently having a few more final assignments to go.
And that explains the amount of updates the site is having lately..
So, just wait for the normal me to be back alright! ;)

Sad that I totally miss out MOFEW the other day,
and yes, that's because of my assignments as well.
Guess that you girls are going to kick me for mentioning that a-word again. Ha!
Did went there for like 5 minutes like around 9pm though, but still... T_T

Anyway, normal updates shall be resumed soon alright! ;)
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Email me at
Btw, thanks for all of your support all these while! :)
Thanks for the 880 followers the site is having currently!
Shall plan something for you readers soon too!

Till then!

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