Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pink.enuf, RM10 - RM40

[Pre-order] Nail Fiesta, Price starts from RM9.60/bottle

Happy Blossoms, RM30 - RM55

A t e L i e R, RM32 - RM55

The.Pink.Mirror, RM25 - RM40

Whitesoot, RM39 - RM55

Lil Pink Closet, RM15 - RM35

Ava Boutique, RM37 - RM42

Sυġая, Sριсе & Eνеяутнιиġ Nıсе, RM20 - RM35
1st 5 early birds will get more discount! ;)

The Chiffonier Couture, RM348 - RM521

[pre-order] LaBreeze, RM30 - RM33

[Pre-order] Because im addicted, RM30

[Pre-order] L' Collection Room, RM20 - RM40

[pre-order] Sand Bunny Store, RM39
Spotted a totally unique Musical birthday candle selling at only RM9 in store! ;)

[pre-order] Journey Trend Boutique, RM38 - RM30

[pre-order] Cotton De Art, RM100 - RM156

[pre-order] Chunky, RM62 - RM95

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