Saturday, August 28, 2010


Make Me Beautiful, RM36 - RM59.90

Phinnox Poupée, RM38 - RM50
(pronounced as 'Finox Pu-Pi')

Je'Taime Paris, RM35 - RM55

Lipstix Stains, RM10 - RM40
(previously known as Lipstik Stains)

Bluebelle Couture ♥ , RM30 - RM35
Pretty affordable stuff eh? :D

Urban Embrace, RM10 - RM65
Also having quite a couple of hair wigs & Twilight goodies! ;)

[pre-order] VOGUE ™, RM35 - RM41
Also having some ready stock clothing!

Leopard Preens, RM35 including Pos Ekspres - RM48

Tulip Bloc, RM45 - RM59

Dusty Rosy, RM49.50 - RM59.40 (after discount!)
Hari Raya Sale : Handbags 30% OFF, Tops 10% OFF!
Prices are all with FREE POSTAGE!

dress with flair, RM29 - RM45

[pre-order] Dress Forever, RM28 - RM33
Having an Early Bird Discount for orders made until 12th September 2010!

[lingerie] Lurvendere, RM38 - RM40

I Love Fashion House, price unavailable

[pre-order] Bossa Nova Shop, RM150 - RM170

paperdoll concept, RM69 including delivery

[pre-order] Fashion Retard, RM150 - RM175
Spotted several Steve Madden's pairs! ;)

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