Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vote & Win!


Grand Prize x 1 : FREE shoe from the highest vote category.
1st Runner-up x 1: FREE shoes from the 2nd highest vote category.
2nd Runner-up x 1: FREE shoes from the 3rd highest vote category.
Consolation x 2: FREE hosiery or accessories.


Step 1 - Choose your favourite pair and vote!

Step 2 - Vote for your favourite pair of shoes
at poll set up at the right
(center) sidebar.
* for those who have filled up the form earlier,
remember to cast your vote alright! :)

Step 3 - Fill up the form below or at the rightmost sidebar.

Contest Rules:

  • Contest ends 31 August 2010.
  • Winners will be randomly picked from the respective categories.
  • Winners selection is at the sole discretion
    of Heels Boutique & Shopping Roll.
  • If the size of the winning shoes is not available,
    exchange is allowed for items of the same price or less.
  • This contest is jointly organized by Heels Boutique and Shopping Roll.

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