Monday, August 16, 2010

Product Review : Cherrykoko!

Heard anything about Korean Fashion Station yet? :D

Korean Fashion Station is not your ordinary store in town,
and they're actually helping you girls out by being an amazing agent here,
accepting absolutely anything at all from 30 South Korea online stores up-to-date!

Products are all 100% genuine and will be shipped directly from Korea!
With a wide variety of fashionable items of tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, pants,
tights, bikinis, lingeries, bags, watches, shades, scarves and etc,
plus they are also taking orders for men's clothing!
Sounds pretty awesome eh? ;)

So I'm currently having 2 Cherrykoko items that I'll be reviewing on here!
Just so you know, Cherrykoko is Korean Fashion Station's all time featured store.
Hence all orders for Cherrykoko is entitled for discounted agent fee of 5%,
but if you're mixing your orders with other stores,
the agent fee will be at normal rate of 10%! ;)

My orders is placed on Friday/Saturday, and i was told that parcel
will be sent on coming Monday/Tuesday.
So yup, they did sent it out from Korea right on that Monday,
and guess what, it reached my doorstep on Thursday!
That's super fast than what I've expected alright!

1. Cherrykoko's graphic printed oversized top (CK-T0763)
__with the wording of "loves me, loves me not, loves me".
__Don't worry, there's no typo error on! :D

__or click HERE for more pictures! :)

And this is what I've got!

Look at the cute Cherrykoko's label there! :D
The quality of the product is pretty amazing I'd say,
almost similar to what I've seen in the pictures, no?

And these are the 3 looks that I've came up from it! ;)

2. Cherrykoko's mesh flats (CK-SH0466)

__or click HERE for more pictures! :)

Initially, I'm wanted to go for this Iamyuri's pair,
but sad to say that it was temporarily out of stock as only limited pairs left,
and they're all being reserved for Korea's local buyers. T_T

Then, Wai Kuan, the person behind Korean Fashion Station helped me
look around and found this similar pair in Cherrykoko, with a slightly higher price,
but at least I could still get this on hands right? :)
So, you could actually find similar item hanging at other stores
at a different price, so better do some research or ask them about it
before you're confirmed on your order! ;)

And this is what I've got!

However, for this particular pair, it did let me down a little,
though the design is a real gem, for me at least :P
Sorry but I gotta admit that I do have a weekness for sheer, mesh or netted stuff!

There's this "Made in China" label underneath
though the design is from Cherrykoko, South Korea.
Hence, there's this weird chemical smell that I don't quite fancy. :(
And I haven't actually research and google about the ways of getting rid of it. LOL

Wai Kuan actually told me that previous orders placed to Cherrykoko for herself
are labelled "Made in Korea", so perhaps I'm the "lucky" one! T___T

And here's what the sales representative from Cherrykoko replied :
__Some of the products are come with the label of Made in China
__is because of the design of goods are from South Korea,
__but products actual produce in China (reason being is lower labor cost
__and we have a production line there). To improve the variety of products,
__we have also formed a specialized team in purchasing department
__to purchase the products from different factories and different countries.
__However, we ensure all of the products are in good quality
__and have passed our in house QA/QC test.
__The final products design, marketing rights are belong to Cherrykoko, Korea.

Also, I think I've bought the wrong size as it's a lil loose for me :(
Should have bought size 35 like what I've opted as usual. Silly mistake I know.
Tagged size 36, perhaps it could fit size 36/37? :)

So, I've guess it would be great to let it go to a better owner instead! :)
Bought it at RM145 including shipping from Korea, and i'll be letting it go at
RM130 including Poslaju delivery or RM125 for COD at Sunway Pyramid
*COD is discussable at any major shopping malls!

And that's all for the products I've got, feel free to ask me any questions
via email at or comment under this particular post!
Hope this somehow helps in knowing a lil bit more abt Korean Fashion Station!
So feel free to "Korean-ized" your wardrobe as it's totally safe,
plus, Wai Kuan is totally helpful! ;)

Btw, they've just launched their sister's site a month ago - GBless.

A store that sell solely on Gbless' shoes and bags!
100% authenticity guranteed and they will also be shipped directly from Korea!
Provide them the password of "I love Korean Fashion Station!"
and you're all entitled for 10% discount for any orders made in GBless! ;)
So, happy shopping as always! :)
main site :
sister site :
email :


Anonymous said...

Hi ! At here! Sorry just wna ask, what method of payment did you use to pay to them and hw much was the shipping cost? plus i can't really understand their language..tehee :)

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Ah, Korean Fashion Station is actually a Malaysian-based site, and they will help you settle the payment and everything, and all you need to do is provide them the url of the item you want, and they will quote you in RM. For the shipping cost, it somehow varies depending on the brand and the weight of item(s)! ;)

Feel free to email them at if you wanna know anything further!

Hope it helps! ;)

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