Friday, August 13, 2010

Product Review : Frollic Shoes

So what makes these Frollic shoes unique you might ask? :)

Frollic shoes (known as Footsie Roll previously)
is a fully rollable shoes, originally conceived as after-party shoes
to relieve stilletto-sore feet. It's lightweight, and super comfy at the same time!
Plus, that basic ballet flats design would is just too lovely to resist! :D

Purchase of a pair of Frollic shoes is inclusive of :
1 Frollic shoes, 1 Reusable box, 1 big reusable bag & 1 small reusable bag
for you to roll them up and bring them along whenever you want & wherever you go!
It's made of PU (synthetic) with rubber in-sole and non-slip sole.
Best worn indoors, paved walkways, and not for uneven, rough terrain.
If not, your Frollic shoes might be damaged easily I guess!

Also, you could easily clean it by soaking a soft cloth in soaped water
and wipe the shoes with the dampened cloth. It's also machine washable
but remember not to immerse in water longer than 1 hour!

1) Portable, dubbed the ultimate "emergency shoes,"
it's lightweight; rolls,flexes, flattens to fit right in your bag!
2) Stylish, perfect complement to your classy ensemble
when you feel like going on a stiletto break
3) Affordable, priced at RM50 including shipping,
complete with shoes, 2 shoe bags and 1 reusable box.
4) Comfortable, it feels like walking on foot
and you won't feel it biting through your skin after hours of walking!

Sounds pretty good eh? ;)

Thanks to ILuvBag Inc. that I could finally got myself a pair of Frollic shoes! :D
So this is what I've got in the package :

1 Frollic shoes, 1 Reusable box, 1 big reusable bag & 1 small reusable bag.

This is the rubber in-sole and the non-slip sole of Frollic shoes.

And here's the picture of it when it was rolled and kept in the small reusable bag,
and of me wearing Black Frollic shoes is size XS.

All i could say is that these people behind Frollic shoes is totally genius!
Totally caring bunch that understand us girls by inventing such product,
after all, our foot just need some rest after the whole day, no? ;)
Love the simple design with ribbon attached,
real friendly pair here that could go well with any outfit!
Comfy, rollable and affordable, what else could I ask for? :D

Currently available in all 8 colours as shown below :

Available in 4 different sizes, in the measurements shown below :

_* based on Euro sizing
_* Length and width measurements based on shoe sole, not on foot.
_* For narrow feet, please go down a size lower.
_* For wide feet, no need to make adjustments.

Btw, the price of these Frollic take-away shoes will be increased,
effective on September 2010, for RM50 excluding shipping per pair,
and RM135 for 3 pairs with shipping!

Grab yours at ILuvBag Inc. at only RM50 including shipping per pair!
2 pairs & above and that will only be RM45 per pair including shipping! ;)
Valid only for the month of August!

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