Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Win it!

Stand a chance to win this Tavi Spacegirl T-shirt (in the picutre above)
+ RM300 coupon from thepoplook.com! Awesome eh?
Fyi, Tavi Spacegirl T-shirt is a collaboration of Borders&Frontiers
and Tavi, the 14-year-old girl who gets a front row seat at couture shows!
Priced at 51.99USD including postage, but you could now get it for FREE!!
& All you need is a camera & a facebook account to be one lucky winner! ;)
__Instructions :
1. Email them at thepoplook@gmail.com a photo of yourself
__in your favourite outfit by 10/8.
2. 10 photos will be chosen and posted on their Facebook page on 11/8.
3. Picture will most "like"s by midnight 18/8 wins!
p/s : no purchase necessary!
Do click HERE for a larger image of the competition!
Have fun and good luck!

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