Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So sorry for this slight disruption of the page since yesterday
as there was this malware issue caused from the respective site.
More information about it HERE, HERE & HERE.
And now that I'm waiting for Google to re-evaluate the site
and the site will be back again without any warning page soon! :)
Meanwhile, remember to scan you laptop/desktop for any virus at all just in case!
So sorry for such inconvenience caused! :(

EDITED (4:40pm) :
Yay! The site is back again! ;)


maslight said...

Thank gawd.

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Yes it is! ;)
Thanks so much for your support girl!

the glamorous blogshop said...

hi there, how do u inform google? my site also become like this.. plz help me. thanks!

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

hey dear, your site look okay though :) which site you're having problem with ya? i'll try to help you out, anything at all, feel free to email me at shoppingroll@gmail.com alright.

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