Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get bootylicious with this!

So who doesn't want an curvaceous figure with perfect booties?
One that could pull off every single outfit effortlessly but still able to turn heads!
But what's the secret of having sexy butt in an instant,
with no cruel chemicals involved, or any painful surgery at all?

Supermodel's Secrets
do have the answer for you! :D

Introducing this Magic 3D Butt Padded Panties with
perfectly shaped padded butt for an instant sexy butt curve!
Go from FLAT to FAB in just seconds with these booty enhancers!

With this Magic 3D butt-padded panties,
you could totally get an instant sexy butt within seconds!

Comfortable enough to everyday wear!
Perfect with every outfit, be it jeans, shorts, those mini dresses & etc!
These butt-padded panties provide an instant rounder-butt
that you could now gain more confidence in wearing your favourite pair
of jeans and skirt or even short dresses without having any second thought! ;)

It's also an instant alternative to undergo Buttock Augmentation surgery,
Brazilian Butt Lift, or hundreds of hours in the gym!
Ain't it just a steal deal when you could get a pair of sexy booties in seconds? :D

1. Soft and flexible to touch
2. Usable inside underpants
3. Easy to wash – Hand wash only
4. Lifts flat buttocks and adds curves to existing buttocks

Size: S (Jeans size 25-27), M ( Jeans size 28-30)
Material: Polyester
Feature: Molded, Padded (High quality foam material) Buttocks
Color: Skin/Beige
Style: Low-rise Briefs
Spotted retailing between USD35 - USD49 (RM120-RM160)
in major booty panty online stores! But you could totally grab it at
Supermodel's Secrets for RM79 only including shipping! ;)
Limited stock left in stock as they're all imported from Hong Kong!

So here's Michelle's, the owner of Supermodel's Secrets
personal take on this Magic 3D butt-padded panties!

I love this!! Seriously! I’ve always wanted a curvier, sexier butt
and this gave me just that! It looks great in tight/fitting dresses/skirts or jeans.
I have been looking for this in lingerie stores in Malaysia to no avail.
Seems pretty rare here. It is popular in the pharmacies and departmental stores
in Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Europe. Pretty good quality material
and comfy to wear. Aside from it's aesthetic purpose, it's practical for me too
as I have a flat butt, lacking flesh; when I sit down on wooden/hard chairs/surfaces
for a long while it aches from the lack of "cushioning" from my own flesh.
Wearing this padded panty helps somewhat. =D
Sounds pretty awesome eh? :D

As for all of you, Shopping Roll's readers who are reading this,
you could even get this set of cleavage clips for absolutely FREE!

Every purchase of butt panty will entitle you for
FREE Cleavage Clips (3 pieces) worth RM12!
Valid only for orders placed latest by this Wednesday, 8th September 2010.
PASSWORD : I heart Shopping Roll

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So what's the wait? Get it now @ Supermodel's Secrets
for RM79 including Poslaju shipping!
(Price will be increased to RM89 on month of October onwards
due to a slight price increase from the supplier for subsequent batch)

Click HERE for more information, or click HERE to order it right away! ;)

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any butt pads tht can make butts smaller?

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