Monday, September 20, 2010

NEW! label, RM54 including postage!
2-ways maxi dresses in both plain basic ones and striped ones
that you could make it a V-neck or U-neck whenever you want! :)
Even a pair of flip flops or sandals will do good for any casual outings at all!
Those cropped tops as worn above are up for grabs at RM16 each only,
and that's including postage! Pretty awesome stuff I must say!

Btw, prices are all including FREE DELIVERY for both
Malaysian & Singaporean shoppers, so shop away people! ;)

More maxi dresses elsewhere :

not naked, RM40

NEW! pink pong heart shop, RM45
Also with lots of adorable clothing in store that are really affordable too!

Project Love,
RM40 | RM40

Whitesoot, RM49 | Those Neon Lights, RM48

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