Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Mizroz Closet, 1 for RM26; 2 for RM50!

The Cherry Berry Shop, RM24 - RM25

MIX & CHARM, RM10 - RM12

Envy Mii, RM10 - RM28

Ladies Accessories Ready Stock, RM14 - RM30

readystockbagspre-orderboutique, RM52 - RM57

[kids] Baby Shope, RM28 - RM58.50

Shopaholic Fashion Wardrobe, RM38 - RM59

[Pre-order] Chunky, RM58 - RM95
Current batch will be closed tomorrow!

Darlina Fashion, RM25 - RM28
(prices including postage!)

Something Sweet, RM17 - RM23

poppy-pink, RM30 - RM40

The Quirky Rabbit, RM48 - RM55

Wondiferous!, RM25 - RM43

The Lollipops Dresser, RM19 - RM49
Join them on Facebook and get 10% discount on your 1st purchase! ;)

Dress to Glim, RM25 - RM52

Two Zero Bucks, RM20 each!

[Pre-order] Shoes Haven, RM45 - RM85

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