Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick updates (ii)

Xiawa Dressroom, RM25 - RM44

La De'Sign Fashion, RM30

Catch Collection, RM55 | RM45

An Old Flame, RM39 - RM65

Daily Boutique
, RM38 - RM46
If you've added them in Facebook,
tag yourself on the item's picture to enjoy an additional 5% discount! ;)

Dress2Dazzle, RM39

Shopaholics Unite
, RM49 - RM53

Dr. Pizzicato, RM45

Angel Glory, RM45 - RM49

VCottage, RM25 | RM39
(prices including postage!), RM43 - RM55

Blissfully Beautiful, RM58


, RM28 - RM55

Colourful Pink Room
, RM32 each

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