Sunday, October 31, 2010

by Varieties Shops

Hurray ! Another great bargain from Varieties Shops :D

Selected bags at RM20 only , unbelievable right?
Its third day of promotion but they're already low in stock,
so do act fast, dun ever miss this awesome chance :D !!

RM20 each bag!

Besides that, they got a lot lot more choice bags for you to choose !!

And the best part is, all their bags are ABSOLUTELY READY STOCKS !

Yes, all ready stocks, so it could be sent on the next day after u make payment :D

Besides that, Wholesales & Retails are both welcomed ya ~
Attractive wholesales price available for minimum purchase of 10 bags :)
Guaranteed as the lowest wholesales price in the market!
Do email us at for more information

And the greatest news is, they finally created their own website!
More user friendly and time saving system allows u
to have easier shopping experiences ;)

So do head to their newly opened website today :)

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