Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Blossoms, RM100 | RM290 - RM440
Good news! They're currently taking orders for Le Pliage & Sunshine Cuties!
Purchased directly from Paris & UK. So, 100% authenticity guaranteed!
And, here's a better news for you! :D
FREE POSTAGE for all Shopping Roll's readers (within Malaysia only) ,
and all you need to do fill up the order form as provided in that post itself,
and insert the password of "shoppingroll reader" in the subject line!
Closing date : 23/10 for Le Pliage, 30/10 for Sunshine Cuties

Psst.. Euro is low now, so better grab these european goodies
before their value appreciates!
// Helpful note given by Happy Blossoms themselves! ;)


Camille La Fille said...

You gotta start post some Winter items, girls! It's getting really cold here in Spain and I feel like pass all day evolved in hot wool. So me and my friends are always looking for it in these Malysia wonderful blogs! Impatiently awaiting,

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Hey dear, love seeing a reader all the way from Spain! ;) Anyway, thick clothing are pretty hard to find here in Malaysia as we're sorta having Summer all year long! But do email me at and i'll suggest you a few sites that you could go for!


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