Monday, November 15, 2010

If you've missed out Sista Closette awesome promotion the other day,
better not miss this free postage promotion that are currently on-going in store!

FREE POSTAGE : Payment made within the same day of order,
HALF PRICE POSTAGE : Payment made on the next day!
Besides, you could also enjoy FREE POSTAGE with the
purchase of RM110(WM) , RM120 (EM) in a single receipt!
No harm combining purchases with your girl friends eh?

As for all Shopping roll's readers, simply insert the subject title
of your order as 'I heart Shopping Roll & Sista Closette',
you're entitled to a further RM5 rebate if payment made within the same day!

Now who don't love promotions like these! ;)
Let's check out what they have in store for us here!

RM26 - RM43
| RM38 - RM42
Here are part of the tops and skirts that are still available for grabs in store!
Having quite an array of lovely, feminine pieces that you could get,
and a few edgy ones as well! One beautiful collection here eh? ;)

They're also having some awesome set of items at a steal price!
Lace-sleeved top + pleated waistline shorts, Lace top + Striped paperbag shorts,
Military inspired lace top + Bandage skirt + Inner tube top and etc!
Priced within RM42 - RM45 including postage per set though! ;)

Also having a couple of vest, cardigans and blazer in store!
For those who are still hunting for these basic knitted cardigans like these,
here's your opportunity to get them on hands! ;)
Bet items like these that would look good with any basic tees and tops,
perfect for air-conditioned classes, or even to protect your skin from the sun!

Not to forget these dresses that they've got in store!
With a number of floral dresses, lace dresses, bow-back dress,
ruffled dress, V-neckline striped dress & military inspired dress & etc!

So feel free to go over to Sista Closette and check out their full collection! ;)
And do visit their sister site, House of Leggings for a wide variety
of jeggings, leggings, tights, stirrups, pantyhose & more!

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