Friday, November 26, 2010

Lattitude (Ladies attitude) - a store that offers wide variety
of women clothing from tops, dresses, skirts, bottoms & even accessories!
What you gotta love the most from their store is their prices!
Most of the items are unbelievably affordable I must say! ;)

Standard delivery of RM5 (WM), RM8 (EM) is applied
regardless of the number of items! Sounds awesome eh?
Let's check out what they've got in store for us all!

RM3 - RM12
Having these chic accessories of floral and bejeweled headbands,
bib necklaces and bow clips that you could get to complete your outfit!
Check em out for more items like sequined headband, pearl necklace,
beaded necklaces and several corset-like waist cinchers!

RM29 - RM35

Besides, they do have a wide selection of tops in store,
with Puffed-sleeved shirt, Basic shirts, Checkered shirts, Striped tops,
Ruffled sleeved top, Rosette top, Denim shirts and several basic tops!

RM32 - RM35 | RM36 - RM39
While here are the bottoms that they've got to offer, from the normal shorts
to bodycon bandage skirts and to polka-dotted jumpsuit!
Fairly reasonable prices, and totally affordable, no? ;)

RM39 - RM52
Updated with a couple of beautiful dresses the other day as well,
pretty unique collection of items that are hardly seen elsewhere though!
Guess it's time to stock up some dresses already,
and be well-prepared for the any upcoming parties & dinner events! ;)

So what's the wait?
Hop on over to Lattitude for more beautiful and affordable goodies!
Feel free to contact them at or 012-3284228.

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