Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The magical thing!

Spot the similarities between all these girls below!

Yes, they're all having HAIR BUN! ;)
Look how gorgeous these girls here, whether they're in casual outfits
or dressy ones, even celebrities are looking good in it with cocktail dresses!

Now you could easily style up your hair like them within seconds
by using this awesome product by Supermodel's Secrets - Magic Bun Maker!

Guess this product is no longer a stranger to most of us eh?
We could finally say goodbye to thousands of practices and trials,
now these sponge will be your trusty helping hand
in creating a pretty hair bun in seconds!

These Magic Bun Maker is made of high quality sponge with inner bendable wires,
flexible and unbreakable material, and they're available in 2 different sizes :
  1. Small (17.5cm) - Suitable for shoulder-length hair or half-do
  2. Medium (22.5cm) - Suitable for long/thick hair
But in the end, it will all depends on which hairstyle you wanna achieve!
No harm getting both and experiment it yourselves to get different hairstyles! ;)

Usage instructions is included at the back flap, fret not if you don't understand Chinese as you could refer to the simple illustrations too! ;)
Feel free to enlarge the image if needed, or just read on!

Big thanks to Supermodel's Secrets, now I could finally experience
these Magic Bun Maker by my own bare hands, and hair too! ;)

So here are the 3 simple steps in getting a hair bun
by using the Magic Bun Maker of course!

After that, feel free to use bobby pins to tidy up the hair strands or you could also
use the normal elastic band, go through the hair bun without damaging it,
and secure it by using your ponytail along with those unruly hair strands,
easiest and fastest way that I'd recommend if you're not a fan of bobby pins,
or just simply lazy to pin it in, like me. HAHA!

Check out these videos below for a better understanding!

Trust me, it's that easy!

To be honest, I'm not that good in styling my hair, again, I'm just... lazy. LOL
So normally I'll just stick to ponytails during hot weather or even at home,
but sometimes these ponytails did irritate my neck a lot that I'd die to
shave my hair bald or go for a pixie haircut at times! But with this,
I could simply make an imperfect hair bun to get rid of that annoying thing! ;)

And I'd bet it would be handy for lazy days and random outings!

Do click HERE for more detailed information and review
prepared for you by Michelle, the gorgeous one behind Supermodel's Secrets!

Definitely worth every single cent for such product!
Get it now at Supermodel's Secrets for

Magic Bun Maker combo deal
(Purchase 2 units, any sizes) at RM29!
+ FREE Bumpits Volumixing inserts (worth RM24!)
+ FREE Poslaju (worth RM6!) (+RM3 for EM)___

Which simply means you'll get 2 Magic Bun Makers + Bumpits + Poslaju
in a package and it will cost you only RM29 in total, you do the maths! ;)
Valid only for the first 10 customers with the secret code of
" I Heart Shopping Roll! "
So, don't forget to complete your look by accessorizing it with hairpins,
headbands, or even bracelets and necklaces that you could work on,
it's all about creativity, no? ;)

Here are some accessories that you could go for :

& Do hop on over to Supermodel's Secrets for more
genius products to get gorgeous instantly without any surgery involved! ;)
eg: Nipple covers, Armpit whitener, Volume hair base,
Instant clip-in bangs, Automatic Tweezer, Cleabage Control Bra-clip & etc!

You'll definitely be wide amazed!

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