Monday, November 1, 2010

Just in case you don't know about it yet, here they are, spreading their ♥ again!
Currently having their "October Love Promotion",
offering these 5 lovely pieces at RM1.80 each!
The lucky shopperswill be drawn right on NEXT MONDAY (8/11)!

So here's how you could stand a chance winning it!
Click "Like" on their Facebook page

Go to their photo album titled ‘October Love Promotion’,
Leave a comment on the pieces that you want to enter into the draw.
You’re also allowed to try your luck with all 5 pieces for this promotion! ;)
Psst.. If you want to increase your numbers of draw,
you can even tag yourself on the picture!
There are limited numbers of tags allowed on a Facebook picture, so hurry!

Btw, do go over and check out their updates! ;)

RM45 - RM55

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