Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who else is on sale?

Skinny Heels, RM25 each!

miss shopaholic's closet : RM15 each!

La De'Sign Fashion : RM25 each!

Suen's Bucket : Clearance sale, as low as RM20 including postage!

Bow N Ribbon : FREE SHIPPING for single order of RM35 & above!

POP-PROMO (Valid until 19th November 2010, this Friday)
Purchase 1 item & Click "Follow" button, get 10% DISCOUNTS!
Purchase AT LEAST 2 items & Click "Follow" button, get 20% discounts

That Beautiful Wave : FREE POSTAGE for this month!

T-Bag Collections : Year end sale!

Feed my needs : Clearance sale!

summerdays : Clearance sale!

Take A Break's : Clearance sales, items below RM35!

Chic-chat : Full-moon sale, RM5 OFF every item!
Purchase over RM 100 and you're entitled to FREE POSTAGE!

Prettie Simple : Massive clearance sale, everything below cost prices!

ZHINK : Clearance sale, prices including postage!

Those Neon Lights : Clearance sale, prices including postage!

RARA BLACK : Year end sale, Up to 30% discount, ends TOMORROW!
Btw, they also carry Plus-sizes for their exclusive range of dresses! ;)

Blu & Blak : Free Postage for last pieces!

// More sites on sale HERE!

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