Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Check out the winners!

I'm sorry for such late update of the style shots as I've been really really busy
for these few weeks dealing with my endless assignments and Christmas events!
Not to mention those countless days of sleepless nights,
hence the lack of updates lately on the site!
Do bear it with me for a while alright! T_T

Anyway, here are part of the style shots from the winners with polka-dotted items!

Looking good eh? ;)
While here are part of the winning entries that are based on the question of :
"Tell me what do you like best about Shopping Roll "
And they sure do brighten up my day! :D

What's best about shopping roll: its awesome updates on online shopping,
its gorgeous layout and friendly owner!
Amy kor

Shopping made easy with just a click in Shopping Roll!
Such an awesome site that I can't help but made it my Homepage.
Long list of blogshops nicely categorized, latest updates and promos and of course,
I heart the minimal layout! :D Shopping Roll keeps me rolling... ~
Cryst Lau

I don't like Shopping Roll, I love Shopping Roll! :)
And I love everything about Shopping Roll! The fast & interesting updates,
the useful reviews on stuffs, the useful information & just everything!
And the best best best thing I love/like about SR is, SR is different from other
reviewers, SR is special in its own way! I ♥ Shopping Roll :)
Cheyenne Wan

What i like best about Shopping Roll is because this website is always
up to date with the latest fashion and ALWAYS ALWAYS, writes up good
reviews on the available promotions around the websphere of blogshops!
Easy, fast, and informative! Oh, and not to mention, you guys always have all these
showcase on amazing deals and competitions to get discounts,
and win fun and exciting prizes (like this competition, for instance ;)
Neys Fadzil
What I like the most about Shopping Roll is basically the convenience this awesome
website offers in online shopping. It ranges various blogshops for people
with different needs. No matter whether you are vintage lovers or accessories hunters
or just looking around, YOU would definitely catches your eyes on something.
Besides catering to our needs, Shopping Roll is updated daily and its like
my mojo in fashion. I just have to browse it everyday! Thanks to you,
now I could purchase something anytime and anywhere (even from Kota Bharu!) ;p
Alia Amirah Abdul Hakim

The thing I like best about Shopping Roll is the clean cut layout which is
super duper easy to navigate and all the nicely organized blogrolls. It doesn't make
my head ache and my eyes cross teehee. I've been following Shopping Roll for years
now and in fact you guys are the first review blog that I found out about.
Oh oh and I LOOOOOVE how you guys are sooo super nice and generous
to do all these awesome possum giveaways. I'd been one of the winners
in your previous competition, I sure do hope I would get chosen again this time!
Finally, you guys ROCK MY SOCK! :D
Fariza Anuwar

What I like best about Shopping Roll its well organized layout and up-to-date blogroll!
Pictures are at their right sizes and fonts too. Its also a plus point that it's not a
very heavy site and it doesn't take too long to load. I cant take a long loading site :S
Oh and I love those motivational quotes/pictures/music, they help lighten the mind
from seeing too much clothes, hahah! Visiting Shopping Roll everyday is a must,
if not, I feel like i'm missing out. Even during SPM :P
Deborah Tee

What I like best in Shopping Roll is that it provides me a great platform
to catch the latest trends and updates of the Malaysian online shops.
When I was still new to online shopping, this online review site has definitely
helped me a lot so that I won't get lost, well literally!
Not only that I get to see the what's updated by the site owner on a daily basis,
I can even check out which shop has the new updates by looking at its sidebar.
And psst, Shopping Roll readers get to enjoy some special promotions and privileges
from time to time, now tell me what's there not to like? :)
Pey Shan

HMM...This is a pretty tough question, since i LOVE everything about Shopping Roll!
Not only it updates me about what's hot and in online shops, it also allows readers to
enter various mini contest with awesome freebies, for instance THIS! Secondly,
I love how Shopping Roll allows link exchange with other blogshops.For a pre-loved
blogshop owner like me, this has definitely boost up my customers. Thanks! :)
Thirdly, I also love how you're not fussy about linking other review sites at the
"Site We Love" section. Fourthly, I really admire your patience and determination
to keep this site up and running. Seems like a tough job having to browse
around blogshops and updating this site everyday for other online shopper ease.
Me and the others out there are definitely grateful for this. Keep it up girl ;)
Nicole Cheong

I love the fact shoppingroll is so easy to access and you can see ALL the blogshops
that has just recently updated that are on your site. It's so much easier to see
when shops have just updated. :) And your reviews are great!
Your fashion sense is good and I like the reviews cause it's just so much easier
than to go on endless browsing finding,searching for something I might like or not.
I am a self-confessed shopaholic. Aren't we all? :D
I really love my clothes and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one hahaha.
I really hope you'll pick me! :)) Continue making those reviews! :D
Regina Khoo
You girls are real awesome people I just gotta admit!
How can I not love you all right? LOL
Thank you so much for being so supportive of the site,
and i seriously hope that Shopping Roll did helped all of you
in doing your online shopping! :)

Hope that you winners are loving your gifts,
and once again, thanks to all these lovely blogshops
for their generosity in sponsoring all those gifts for the winners!

Doublewoot, Dress2Dazzle, Emcee Couture, EmmyCubic, Frette & Deer,
Girl About Town, Kiss and Tell, Lattitude, Like iGloo, LoveBagLoveBag,
Mezzanine, Sista Closette, Style Influx, Supermodel's Secret,
The Survival Store, The Blaq Magik Lovers & Whitesoot.

If there's any problems, any comments and suggestions,
or just anything at all, feel free to reach me at shoppingroll@gmail.com
and I'll surely reply you as soon as possible! ;)

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