Thursday, December 9, 2010

For the fashionistas :

dep, RM15/side; RM28/pair
A not-to-be-missed site with lots of gorgeous accessories!

Clearance sale is on-going over there! Go grab something already!

tictactoe28 :), RM45
Also updated with a number of awesome pieces!

R O O M 8008, RM39
Must check em out for more lovely, feminine tops and dresses! ;)

Also with lots of rocker edge items for grabs!

Little Women House, RM45 | RM25
Do go over for more fashionable yet affordable goodies! :D

blackmilkproject, RM55 | RM25
Spotted quite a variety of stuff, ranging from Knitted socks to Biker Jackets! ;)

Melody LOVE Fashion, RM30
Haven't seen this particular pair at other stores yet though! ;)

[pre-order] SHOES FOR FUN, RM160
Must check out their main site for more fabulous updates too!

[pre-order] Pink Crate, RM120 - RM150
Having a whole lot of jaw-dropping shoes in store!

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