Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the season of giving!

Yay, it's finally December!
My favourite month of the year for sure, with the holiday season, my birthday,
Christmas, and phew, it's the end of the year! Time to reflect upon ourselves eh?

Anyway, back to the point!
In conjunction with this upcoming Christmas celebration,
I've decided to come up with this lucky draw contest,
a collaboration with some of the online stores in town!
Just a token of appreciation from us all! :)

Big thanks to the awesome support from these stores below! (arranged alphabetically)
Spot your favourite store already? Bet you'll be thrilled with the prizes!

Awesome much?
There are a total of 50 set of prizes up for grabs, and yes, it comes in a set! ;)
Here's what it takes to win yourself something for this Christmas!
Email to, with the subject of "PICK ME!"

1. Take a style shot of yourself, with at least an item in polka-dots!
___It's time to be creative! ;)
_(Psst... A full body shot will be a plus point!)
____even love polka dots! ;)

2. Attach the image in the email, along with the contact form below:
Name :
Address :
Contact Number :
_3. Tell me what do you like best about Shopping Roll.

That's about it!
Pretty easy eh? ;)
Submission of entries will be accepted starting from now
and will be closed right on
13th December 2010, 11.59pm!
Any entries after that will not be accepted.

Oh ya, prizes will all be given randomly, but hopefully it would fit you well! ;)
After all, presents are meant to be kept secret, no?
So, if the items are not your kind of style/size,
perhaps it's time to try on something new, or make it as a gift and bless others!

If there's any questions at all, feel free to comment below,
and i'll get back to you as soon as possible! :)

Have fun! ♥
& May the best 50 fashionistas win! ;)


Anonymous said...

how is it going to be judged? :) and are the contestant pictures going to be posted up anywhere?

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Hey dear, pictures will be judged by me ya, best 50 style shots! ;) and yup, it will be posted up when the result is out!


Anonymous said...

can we send in more than one entry? :D
aand when will the results be out?

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Ah, only one prize per winner, but of course you're welcomed to send in more than one photo, but only one best shot will be chosen!

Results will be annnounced within a few days after the deadline! :)

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