Thursday, December 30, 2010

The lovely ones.

Aly & Kate, RM45
Be it a fashionable clutch or a stylish pencil case! ;)

Eff-Bombs, RM25 - RM29
Real adorable tank tops aren't they? :P
Must check em out for more affordable goodies!

Angel Glory, RM39 - RM49
Also with more elegant, feminine pieces in store!, RM55
Wow, now this is a gorgeous piece of mesh batwing dress that they've got!
Follow them on Twitter and get 5% OFF! ;)

Vivace Cabin, RM52 | RM65

Oh, popsicles!, RM45 | RM52
Updated with more fab stuff yesterday night! ;)

Just launched their "Pastel Lolita" collection!
Expect lots of lace items, pastel coloured & scalloped hemline stuff!

Dovey-Lovey, RM45 - RM60
Having an array of lovely imported stuff this time round!

[pre-order] Smooches Berry, RM120 including postage
Love all 7 bold colours on this platform heels!
Selling at the lowest price so far! ;)

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