Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking for :

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Looking for
- Cropped polka-dotted blazer with a cute color :)
- Wayfarer color - full._____________________
- Polka-dotted boyfriend long sleeve top with hot color :)
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Looking for a white inner dress.
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Looking for this pair of shoe in size 34 or 35.
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Looking for this in size 8 (24.5cm) in either black or tan.
Preferably ready stock!
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The Vampire Diaries TV series (4pcs) book set
(preferably 2nd hand books in good condition)
Vampire Diaries Books 1 to 6 (4 Books) Collection Set Pack TV Tie Edition
The Awakening: AND The Struggle Bks. 1 & 2,
The Fury: AND The Reunion v. 3 & 4,
Shadow Souls Bk. 5,_______________
Nightfall Bk. 6, Vampire Diaries Collection
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