Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking for :

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Email : wongweihui@gmail.com

Looking for bags with all this similar design
- Any color is acceptable
- Size would prefer width of 32cm or above , height of 24cm or above.
Email : lene_osa@hotmail.com

Looking for white colour scallop skirt,same/similar as the picture above.
Email : laijoey11@hotmail.com

Looking for a paperbag skirt, something like the one in the picture
(without belts attached/sewn onto the skirt)
Preferably above knee length, but if it's slightly below knee length it's fine too :)
I'm a uk size 6-8.
Email : musical_rainbow@hotmail.com

Looking for this exact dress!
Email : vicjelly@hotmail.com

Looking for for this red toga top, brand new item only.
Email : emilysew@yahoo.com

Looking for Red carrot pants or skinnies that fit UK6-8.
Email : xforeversucks@gmail.com

Looking for wine-red coloured stockings. can't find them anywhere!
it's all either bright red, or too dark to the point it looks like brown.
they don't seem to have this colour! If anyone knows where to get them,
Email : musical_rainbow@hotmail.com

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