Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for :

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Looking for Denim Shorts. Either these two shades of blue.
Size: M, UK 6-8, Budget around RM20-35, New items only.
Contact : or 016-6484654

Looking for exact pieces of all of these. Preferably below rm40.
(Pink Bikini, Denim shorts, Jeggings, Sheer white shirt)
Email :

Looking for this exact same bag or slightly bigger, green or yellow.
Preferably around RM60.
Email :

Looking for a pair of black tights with small heart-shaped patterns on it.
Email : &

Looking for a simple black/dark brown belt, preferably 2cm or 3cm width,
and suspender tights as attached.
Email :

Hi there everyone, does anyone have any idea where I can find
this pair of ankle boots (Balenciaga/ Sam Edelman Zoe Inspired Boots),
readystock/pre-loved? Preferably in a Size 38/39, good condition.
Email :


Anonymous said...

hii im also looking for the heart stockings does anyone know whht blogshop?

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

Hey Anonymous! :)
You could also leave your email and I'll include it in the post so that anyone who are having it would contact you, if you want!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the heart shape stocking too! please do email me as well.

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

noted! :)

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