Friday, January 21, 2011

Now who's on leopard?

Seems that leopard prints is making a big comeback again eh?
They seem to never go out of style, and it's definitely no harm
having a few pieces in your wardrobe to spice up your outfit! ;)

Tanks for 5, RM25

V @ M P, RM130 | RM130

The Summer's Attic, RM49

One Love Closet, RM32 | RM39

Hearts Fashion, RM32 | RM38

Girl About Town, RM40 | Lush Serendipity, RM36

Oh! Cotton Candy, RM40

Melody LOVE Fashion, RM25 | CuCuCamber, RM40

M I C C A Z, RM52 - RM59

Feed my needs, RM28 (Pen), RM45 (Bag); Buy both for RM70!

obsession, RM50

NEW! Together in Paris, RM45
Check em out for helpful make-up tutorials! :)

House of Leggings, 1 for RM18; 2 for RM35

Orange Little, RM62

Kiss&Tell Heels Pre-Order, RM162 | RM180


CuCuCamber said...

hi dear..

Im Min from CuCuCamber..we also have Leopard top..great if u cud inc us in this posting...tq

CuCuCamber said...

thank you dear

Shoppingroller ♥ said...

no probs! ;)

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