Sunday, January 9, 2011

[preorder] Korean Fashion Station, RM120/set
Ain't these the sweetest things! They're currently taking orders for this Pink Pink Brush Set by Nanda 3 Concept Eyes! This lovely brush set here contains a total of 7 brushes that are made of real and artifical hair, which includes :

  1. Eye shadow brush - small
  2. Eye shadow brush - big
  3. Eyebrow brush
  4. Gel eyeliner brush
  5. Powder/blusher brush
  6. Foundation/concealer brush
  7. Lip Brush
Even the pink pouch is included in purchase too!
Exclusively imported all the way from Korea, you won't wanna miss it!
Closing date for this spree will be on 16th January 2010, and you'll be
receiving it before Chinese New Year, just in time for you to glam up your look eh? ;)

And here's a special deal for you readers who would like to purchase the brush set!
With the password of "I'm Shopping Roll reader"you'll get to enjoy :
Instant rebate of RM5 for the brush set + RM10 Cash voucher for next purchase
__(Only need to pay RM115 instead of RM120) _____________(Valid till end of year 2011)

An exclusive promo for Shopping Roll's readers only! ;)

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