Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick updates!

Eppy Yaya Vintage collector, RM100 - RM200
Fab looking branded vintage shades here eh? ;)

Bodycon sleeveless top & Twisted back tank tops for the casual days!

Melody LOVE Fashion, RM30 | littlef1sh, RM43
Sheer panel top & Military inspired jacket for the fashionistas!

NEW! Dr Enchante, RM33 | RM35
Pretty stylish outerwear here that you could get it at major steal prices!

Beetch, RM45
Scalloped shorts & skirts are available in store too!

Girl About Town, RM35 - RM49
Yet another affordable round of goodie

UJUST, RM42 - RM60
Do go over for more of their latest updates! ;)

Oh, popsicles!, RM59
2 lovely nude coloured items here I must admit! ;)

Survival Store, RM35
Lovely yet affordable skirts! Stay tune for more of their updates! ;)

[pre-order] Ollie Ozzie, RM49 | RM82
The current Supre Spree batch will be closed by tomorrow! ;)

Angel Glory, RM42 - RM49
Also with lots of lovely clothing in store that you'll adore!

Blissfully Beautiful, RM58 - RM75
Must go over if you're on a hunt for beautiful dresses!

M I C C A Z, RM54 - RM78
Spotted with lots of edgy clothing in store, grab em while you can! ;)

An Old Flame, RM55 | RM59
Just updated with their new arrivals with lots of lovely stuff!

swagdolls, RM59 - RM79
Having an array of unique pieces in store, definitely worth a look-see!

NEW! le seul, RM65 - RM79
More candy-coloured vintage inspired bags in store! ;)

You, Me, & Shoes, RM130 - RM150
One of a kind pairs of shoes from YMS collections,
and they all could be custom made to meet your needs! ;)
For every pair of sheos sold, RM5 will go to charity!
More shoes HERE!

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