Thursday, January 13, 2011

On eyeshadows issues!

There are just too many things to worry if you are to apply eyeshadows, no?
Not quite familiar with the technique to apply, bought the wrong shades to blend with,
need a quick fix but you're running out of time & the list goes on and on!

But, fret not as Supermodel's Secrets is bringing you your lifesaver! ;)

Magic Eyes instant eyeshadow (previously know as In-A-Blink eyeshadow)
is an instant smokey eyes application that you could apply it directly within seconds!
Yup, no additional tools are required for this! ;)

Currently available in 8 beautiful combinations of shades,
specially blended by professionals to be chosen from :
Midnight Meadows, Naturale, Glam Pink, Pink Bloom,
Lovely Lavender, Earth Pink, Tropical Sunset & Candilicious

Perfect when you're running short of time for dinner events,
last minute parties or any other plans at all, or even on a holiday trip
where you don't have the need to lug all your eyeshadows & brushes there!
All you need to have is this amazing Magic Eyes instant eyeshadow
and you're definitely ready to hit the town! ;)

Check out the photos below for Michelle's (the one behind Supermodel's Secrets)
try on Midnight Meadows & Lovely Lavender!

Very lovely shades I must say!
Now here's the 3 simple steps to apply these beautiful instant eyeshadows!

Important: Close your eyelid, then raise your eyebrow to give a flat surface
for better application. Using both hands hold the Magic Eyes applicator
on the base of the eyelid for about 4 seconds.

Then by applying comfortable pressure, slide the applicator across your eyelid
in the appropriate direction to achieve a sharp look.

To achieve a softer look, use the back of the applicator
to blend or tone the applied area. [Tip: Any user error can easily be rectified
by blending with the back of the applicator]

& Here's an easy illustrated steps on using the instant eyeshadows! ;)

Real easy steps to make your eyes pop!
A definite must-have for the party-goers out there for sure!

Get this Magic Eyes instant eyeshadows at Supermodel's Secrets for
  1. Trial (2 pairs) - RM12 + FREE Pos Ekspres
  2. 1 box (6 pairs) - RM29 + FREE Pos Ekspres!
  3. 2 boxes (12 pairs) - RM52 + FREE Poslaju!
    & get FREE Cleavage control bra strap clips (WORTH RM12!)
Totally worth it as it would totally comes in handy somehow! ;) Feel free to
check out the reviews from Your Shopping Kaki & The Luxurious Fashionista
or just go over to Supermodel's Secrets and get em on hands already!

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