Thursday, February 17, 2011

Avant La Mode, RM10 - RM22
Now here are some lovely accessories that you could add onto your outfit!
Pretty affordable prices for items like these, no?
Go grab em while they're still available for sale!
& Here's a good news for you girls!

They're offering an exclusive offer of 10% OFF ALL ITEMS!
Yup, that's including items that are already on sale!
Purchase RM50 & above : 10% discount on your next purchase!
Purchase RM80 & above : FREE POSTAGE! ;)
Password : I love Shopping Roll!
Payment has to be made within 3 days to enjoy this offer!
Valid until 31st March 2011 only.

Also having these crazily affordable branded body & facial care items,
Authentic and unused products that are personally brought back from overseas! ;)

RM10 - RM40

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