Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look who's low-cut friendly! ;)

Don't we just hate the times that we need to constantly adjust and pull
our top all day long just to make sure they are not that revealing?
But, if you're wearing an inner top, you could see the seam at your waistline/hips,
not forgetting the constant need to re-adjust it so that they doesn't wrinkle up!
Another common girls issue here eh? ;)

Now, fret not, as here comes your life-saver!

What are these weird looking lace cloths you might ask? ;)

Cami Secret is actually a new fashion accessory with the appearance
of a camisole with specially designed clips that attach to your bra strap,
and guess what, it's adjustable so that you could slide it up and down
to determine how much or how little cleavage you want to show! ;)

The perfect solution to getting a layered look without having to layer!
With Cami Secret, you could even control the neckline of your low-cut tops
& dresses, and make it an instant solution to add a touch of colour to your outfit!
That's pretty magical, no? ;)

Besides, you could totally wear any item in your closet at all
without worrying about the revealing part! ;) What's even better when
you could easily slip it off and tuck in your bag whenever you like!

"You love the low-cut top for going out at night,
But in the office it’s just not right.
You’ve tried safety pins but they leave holes and just look wrong.
And with a camisole you end up tugging and adjusting all day long!"
Also check out this video below!

So what's the wait? Get yours at Supermodel's Secrets :
1 set of Cami Secret + Pos Ekspres = RM24!
(set of three in Black, Beige & White)
2 sets of Cami Secret + Pos Ekspres = RM40!
(two sets of three in Black, Beige White)

Cami Secret- A smart and practical solution I must admit! ;)

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