Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking for :

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I'm looking for these double finger cross ring! :)
Email :

Looking for this party dress too bad :'(
Preferred it in light brown or beige.
Email :

Looking for this convertible/infinity dress. Knee-length.
Preferably in dark pink/dark blue/black/dark green color.
Other colors might be considered. Price: Around 50. the cheaper the better. :P
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Looking for a similar brand new scallop romper in Black.
Preferably about RM30 to RM55.
E-mail :

Looking for a nice denim pencil skirt, preferrably knee length,
and if it comes with a slight slit at the back it'd be great!
Budget under Rm100, new would be nice, but I don't mind a preloved
also as long as it's in tip top condition!
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Email :

Looking for this pair of wedges in Size 39, Black in color :)
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LyNn said...

hey there im also interested in infinity/convertible dress
knee length or long dress is fine
colour: black
price: RM 49 *if possible but feel free to offer

clgoh_1910[at]hotmail[dot] com

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