Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking for :

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Urgent : Looking for this, or anything similar. and cheap!
Email :

Looking for this similar item & in same color (as in Little Black Book).
Email :

Email :

I'm looking for this exact blazer, striped chiffon tank top,
and high-waisted tulip shorts! :)
Email :

I'm looking for a long pleated skirt like this.
Any colors will do. Price must be below RM30. Thanks :)

Looking for this particular pair in size 37/38.
Brand new pair is preferred.
Email :

Looking for this shoes since last year. Prefer it in black size 39-40.
Preloved or brand new, below RM 70.
Email :

Blouse with sleeves like this without the lace. Not more than RM50.
Oxfords (for girls), size 41. Not more than RM60.
Vans (for girls), size 41. Preloved/Brand New is acceptable.
Flats like this in any colour without the stripes, size 41. Not more than RM50.
Email :

Hey, i'm looking for these heels in black :D
other colours are fine too, but preferably black (for easier matching :D)
i'm a vincci size 5!
Email :


Anonymous said...

looking for the black blazer too :( include me please

thanks miss shopping roll:)

Anonymous said...

i want that necklace how can i have that ? how to buy .

Anonymous said...

hye there..
i have the shoes..
if u want to buy can mail me at

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